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    Discover the path to a harmonious life through sense of touching; your body, mind, and soul.  

  • Tactile DX

    Kaoh rhythm

    Digital Transformation of the tactile sensation of professional massage. LINK

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  • Health 2.0 Outstanding Leadership Award

    2024 Dubai

    The Health 2.0 Conference is a global event that brings together healthcare and wellness experts worldwide to discuss the healthcare industry's revitalisation. It was first launched in California, USA, in 2007 and showcased the latest advancements in health technology and medical case studies. The conference provides a platform for various industry players, including large corporations, start-ups, and investors, to connect, share knowledge, and collaborate.

    Moreover, the conference acknowledges healthcare leaders and companies that have significantly contributed to the industry, pushed innovation forward and led change through an international award program. The Health 2.0 judging panel selects the award winners based on five criteria: industry recognition, academic achievement, business results, outstanding creativity, and decisive leadership. This recognition is a testament to their contributions to knowledge and innovation in the healthcare industry.

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  • Discovering Tranquillity via TactileDX

    Connecting a healthy body, mind, and soul via DXed Tactile

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    Basic Research

    Learn the art of tactile and investigate the benefits of highly skilled tactile tecniques, improve our well-being.


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    Development... DXing Tactile

    Explore various basic research results to be DXed as novel technologies to your needs to improve overall well-being.


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    Kaoh Rythm

    We have developed TactileDX health care & beauty service (Kaoh Rythm; "Kaoh" means face in Japanese ).


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  • TactileDX for Healthcare

    Discover the path to a balanced life through the connection of a healthy body, mind, and soul. TactileDX offers DXing technologies and services designed to help you achieve inner peace and well-being. From Dementia to Life-Style related disiases.
  • Our Tranquillity Services via TactileDX

    Bringing balance to your life via TactileDX our technologies

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    Personalized DXed massage by Tactile AI

    Tactile AI automatically generates a vibrotactile massage based on your biometric data. The AI learns the effects of the massage and provides a personalized massage.


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    Sound Field Design with DXed Tactile

    We can design a sound field with air vibration generated by TactileDX.

    Sound-field design by Tactile DX has been used in various concerts, productions, art performances, and movie soundtracks.

    c.f. Kyoto City Symphony Orchestra (at ROHM theater in Kyoto), Butoh (N. Ishii, San-Kai Jyuku Company), etc.

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    Unmanned Esthetic-Yoga Studio by TactileDX. tech.

    Completely unmanned Esthetic-Yoga Studio combining various TactileDX systems.

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    Tactile Score

    A knowledge Media for Tactile Sense

    The first book on tactile sense studies for ergonomic engineering

    Introduces ‘tactile score analysis,’ which contributes to making human beings feel comfortable Includes interesting movies with melodies which express the direction of motion and intensity during massage

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    an innovative academic field in the tactile sense, based on Non-PC Computing Systems by using the Universal language in Nature

    Dr. Yasuhiro Suzuki in Japan is the advocate of the innovative computing system that uses Humans or Nature as a "computing system" instead of using digital computers. Suzuki recognized that universal language in Nature is the tactile sense, and proposed Tactile Scores as a "programming language." Tactile Scores have used to develop Natural Computing systems in various fields, such as medicine, beauty, disability engineering, robotics, arts, design, and so on.

  • TactileDX lab.

    who we are?

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    dr. Yasuhiro Suzuki, director

    TactileDX lab is a group of professionals. The director is responsible for setting the project's overall direction, creating innovations that overcome difficulties and creating new fields that break out of existing boundaries.

    *Y.Suzuki is an associate prof. of the Graduate School of Informatics, Nagoya University JAPAN

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    Cooperation companies

    TactileDX lab. is supported by the collaboration and support of partner companies from various industries.

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    Tactile Association Japan

    Tactile Association Japan is an "independent" scientific association. We contribute to the "fair development and promotion of the science and engineering of tactiles".

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