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    A 10-minute massage will transform you into a beautiful new person.

    10 分钟的按摩就能让你脱胎换骨,焕然一新。

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    TactileDX technology converts human hand massage into a vibrotactile sensation, which can be distributed over the internet and other media.

    TactileDX 技术可将人体手部按摩转化为振动触觉,并通过互联网和其他媒体传播。

    Our Tactile DX technology digitizes a professional massage and transforms it into a vibratory tactile sensation. This digitalized massage is then displayed on the Kaoh Rythm tactile display. The Kaoh Rythm treatment only takes 10 minutes, but it can make a significant impact on how you feel. After just 10 minutes of massage with Kaoh Rythm, you'll feel like a whole new person.

    我们的 Tactile DX 技术将专业按摩数字化,并将其转化为振动触觉。这种数字化按摩随后会显示在 Kaoh Rythm 触觉显示屏上。Kaoh Rythm 治疗只需 10 分钟,但却能对您的感觉产生重大影响。只需 10 分钟的 Kaoh Rythm 按摩,您就会感觉焕然一新。

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    What is the difference between a massage from a therapist and Kaoh Rhythm?

     理疗师的按摩与 Kaoh Rhythm 有什么区别?

    We have conducted research that confirms the effectiveness of a professional therapist's massage, even when it is digitized. The study suggests that even skilled therapists can only provide the same quality of massage sometimes. However, with Kaoh Rythm, you can receive a massage from a professional therapist whenever you want and as often as you wish. TactileDX technology converts human hand massage into a vibrotactile sensation that can be distributed over the internet and other media.

    我们进行的研究证实,即使是数字化按摩,专业理疗师的按摩也是有效的。研究表明,即使是技术娴熟的理疗师,有时也只能提供同样质量的按摩。但是,有了 Kaoh Rythm,您可以随时随地接受专业理疗师的按摩。TactileDX 技术可将人体手部按摩转换为振动触觉,并通过互联网和其他媒体传播。

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    The above example pictures illustrate that The Kaoh rhythm was used twice daily (morning and evening) for 20 minutes for two weeks, and image analysis confirmed anti-aging of -3.4 years. The left image was taken before starting use, and the right image was taken after beginning use.

    上面的图片说明了每天两次(早晚各一次)、每次 20 分钟的 Kaoh 节律,连续使用两周后,图像分析证实抗衰老效果为-3.4 岁。左图为开始使用前的照片,右图为开始使用后的照片。

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    Collagen aggression


    Collagen is a protein that constitutes the skin. As we age, collagen is lost from the epidermis. In a recent study, we compared the effects of two types of tactile sensations: Kaoh Rythm vibrotactile message and monotonic vibration tactile sensation (low-frequency sine wave) on the skin. The study confirmed that Kaoh Rythm causes collagen to aggregate in the epidermis. The dots visible in the above figure represent collagen fibres.

    胶原蛋白是构成皮肤的一种蛋白质。随着年龄的增长,表皮中的胶原蛋白会逐渐流失。在最近的一项研究中,我们比较了两种触觉的效果: Kaoh Rythm 振动触觉信息和单调振动触觉(低频正弦波)对皮肤的影响。研究证实,Kaoh Rythm 能使表皮中的胶原蛋白聚集。上图中可见的点代表胶原纤维。

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