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    Medical Application of TactileDX tech. for Dementia / Tactile DXの認知症への応用 / 失智症:

    We have confirmed that vibrotactile vibrating air (infrasound) and exposure to it improves cognitive function in dementia patients.



    TactileDX, Introduction / 触覚の電子・情報化(DX化) の解説 / 触觉电子化和信息化(DXing)解析。

    TactileDX 解説(日本語)introduction to TactileDX (in Japanese)

    Vibrotactiles for Medical / Healthcare Applications / 振動触覚の医療・ヘルスケア応用

    Vibrotactile sensation has been used in medicine since ancient times. We humans have rediscovered the medical applications of vibration many times. In the 19th century, vibrotactile sensation was used to treat Parkinson's disease, pain, etc. In the 21st century, acoustic vibration therapy and vibration therapy are still being used in medicine. This presentation will introduce research on medical and healthcare applications of vibrotactile sensation.


    振动触觉自古以来就被用于医学。 我们人类曾多次重新发现振动在医学上的应用。 古希腊就有记载;19 世纪,振动触觉被用于治疗帕金森病和疼痛等;21 世纪,声学振动疗法和振动疗法仍被用于医疗领域。 本文介绍了振动触觉在医疗和保健领域的应用研究。

  • How DXingTactile?


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    Tactile Score

    We have developed a method of describing sense of touching by using music notes.

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    Describe massage by Tactile Score

    We have described various massages by using Tactile Score and also composited massages by using it.

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    Transform Tactile Score to Vibration

    We have developed methods to transform Tactile Scores into viborotactiles, also developed tactile display devices. We can compose tactile sense and deliver the composed tactile sense via Internet by transforming a tactile score to vibrotactile.

  • TactileDX for Healthcare & Beauty

    Health lies in beauty.

    Wellness and Beauty are the same; being healthy is being beautiful.



    We created Tactile Score, a language that describes the sense of touch. We then transcribed the messages of a skilled massage technician into the Tactile Score. We DXed the sense of touch by converting the Tactile Score into a vibrotactile.

    我们创建了 "触觉评分",这是一种描述触觉的语言。然后,我们将熟练按摩技师的信息转录到 "触觉分数 "中。我们将 "触觉分数 "转换为振动触觉,从而对触觉进行了 DX 化处理。

  • Tactile DX for Healthcare and Beauty

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